Storybook Ballet Fall
Session Registration

Due to Covid-19, we have yet to announce our plans for late summer and fall 2020 offerings. STAY TUNED

Noble School of Ballet
Full Season Registration
Beginning - Advanced

The cost of our full season includes:

+ a non-refundable $25 registration fee

+ 4 quarterly tuition charges (two before Christmas and two after)

+ plus a May Recital Prep Month fee (due May 4, 2020 -

+ a costume fee for our annual Spring Recital 

*Company fees and performance fees for the Company’s Winter Celebration are additional and may vary.  Scroll down for details.

Due to Covid-19, the info below has yet to be updated regarding our upcoming 20/21 season. STAY TUNED

Noble School of Ballet is a 9 month ballet training program for ages 5 and up!

More information about Noble School of Ballet

Quarterly Tuition Cost:

Classes per week









Price per quarter









Costume Fees: due March 2, 2020

$45 for Beginning students

$55 for Int/Jr Adv students

May Recital Prep Month tuition: due May 4, 2020

$65 for Beginning -Jr Adv students

$165 for each Company member


Sibling Discount:

Students with one sibling paying full price may enroll at half price. 


Quarterly schedule: Tuition is auto charged the first day of each quarter.

1st quarter - Aug 26 thru Oct 18

2nd quarter - Oct 21 thru Dec 20

3rd quarter - Jan 6 thru Feb 28

4th quarter - March 2 thru May 1

May Recital Prep Month - May 4 thru May 30

Company  Dancers Annual Fee:

$185 for Apprentices and Company members.  

Additional Information:


              7 Main St, Kalispell, MT 59901


  • Once enrolled, you are considered a full time student until the season’s end in May 2020 and tuition will be billed quarterly accordingly. This does not apply to the Storybook Ballet sessions.


  • You must notify Natalie via email, phone or note in the tuition box immediately if you choose to discontinue classes. If you have not officially notified Natalie, the billing system will continue to charge your account and you will be responsible for the tuition up until the date you officially notify us.


  • Tuition can be prorated for late registering new students, but no refunds will be given for missed classes due to usual illnesses/trips, etc. Missed classes can be made up at any time. Simply notify the teacher present and your attendance will be recorded.


  • We only take credit cards for tuition and use the latest PCI compliant software for safe recurring quarterly transactions.

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