Noble Dance Winter Celebration 2018-2018

Noble School of Ballet

Sept 14, 2020 - May 22, 2021

9 month commitment  - ballet training program - age 5 & up


The Noble School is an homage to the late Duncan Noble, one of Natalie’s most influential teachers who embodied ballet itself. He taught not only the steps and technique he learned so long ago, but his great reverence for the art’s fine etiquette, discipline and history. Students of the Noble School will be taught not only technical precision, but respect for the art, and love of movement itself carried on through the generations from one great teacher to the next.  As the dancer advances and matures, complexity and number of classes per week is added, as well as performance opportunities. Advanced dancers have the opportunity of taking up to 7 classes per week and performing multiple times throughout the year.

Fall 2021 Class Schedule

    Subject to change 

Class Levels

*Class placement is based upon technical proficiency and maturity. Placement is not set in stone.  If any issues arise at all, please don't hesitate to contact Natalie!  Communication is very important for the best experience possible.

Beginning Ballet 1 - age 5 & 6 - 45 min class, once a week. 

These dancers are ready to build their skills and coordination needed to technically grow in the ballet discipline, while new concepts are introduced creatively to keep ballet exciting. 


Beginning Ballet 2 -  age 6 & 7 -  45 min class, once a week. 

Body awareness and musicality continues to develop. Basic skills become perfected as strength is gained. Progression and growth happens fast and furious at this level. Solid attendance is highly encouraged as difficulty is added weekly.


Beginning Ballet 3 - age 7 & 8-  1 hour class, once a week 

Dancers at this age are ready to understand a more in depth approach.  Work at the barre is added, which requires great concentration. A strong focus on details, correct body alignment, French terminology, musicality and faster progression are emphasized during this critical year.

Beginning/Intermediate- age 8 & 9-  1 hour class, twice a week

Building muscle memory with a twice a week class propels dancers into a huge year of learning.  Complexity  of  the steps increases as basics become second nature. A quick pace gets dancers ready for the intermediate level with Miss Natalie!

Intermediate Ballet - 2 classes per week - Classroom work involves learning new steps at a rapid pace building on muscle memory from the Beginning Ballet years.  Students develop a critical eye while being introduced to pirouettes and next level jumps with an ever growing understanding of their entire body. Preparation for pointe work begins. Generally for ages 8 -10.  


Jr Advanced - 3+ classes per week - At this stage, strength building is paramount for pointe work. Self discipline and class etiquette create a more serious environment for the amount of learning that happens daily at this level. Girls are preparing for pointe shoes. Mature dancers will be asked to become an Apprentice to the Performing Company in preparation for future company work. Generally ages 11 & up. 


Advanced dancers will take 4+ classes per week, attend state conferences twice a year, and study  dance in the summer. Training continues to technically advance each dancer and performances challenge the dancers artistically.  Advanced dancers will be asked to become a Performing Company member based on classroom and theater etiquette, work ethic, attitude and technical growth. Generally ages 13 & up.

Dress Code:

Beginning levels - Ballet pink tights, leather slippers, and pastel leotard. Skirts, optional. Hair in bun.

Intermediate - Company - Ballet pink tights with a back seam, black or solid color leotard and hair in bun.